How do I change the ring volume?

You’re in luck! Avaya IP Office phones are extremely clever and will adjust the volume of the current source of sound using the volume keys. So whilst the phone is ringing youíre able to increase or decrease the volume by pressing the plus or minus on the handset. Have a colleague dial your extension and […]

How do I forward my lines?

Avaya IP Office has the ability to connect with virtually any line technology available – as a result there are many different methods used required to forward your lines. If there is not already a forward button configured on your handset you may need to contact your telephone provider or service provider.

How do I record my voicemail?

There are a number of ways you can record your voicemail on Avaya IP500. The most common way is by pressing the voicemail key located on the left side of your handset, scroll down using the navigational pad and select ìgreetingî. From there you will be prompted with options to listen, record and save your […]