As a small or medium business, you’re flat out making sales and taking care of customers. You don’t have time to muck around with phone systems.
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That’s where Convergecom comes in. Our friendly, experienced staff will set you up with a telecommunications system perfectly suited to your unique needs.

Does your phone system drive you to despair? If so, give us a call. Convergecom will make you fall in love with your communications system. We provide small and medium businesses with systems that just … you know … work. That’s why we use Avaya, the Rolls Royce of phone systems.


Your phone system should be your friend, not your enemy. We’ll make you fall in love with your communications system.

We’ll listen to your needs, make our recommendations in plain English and give you a system perfectly suited to your unique situation.

We pride ourselves on getting it right the first time … and then providing ongoing support.


Convergecom has developed a reputation as an industry leader and regularly earns rave reviews from clients. Why? Because we:

Provide simple solutions to your complex communications problems

Give you a complete solution by offering end-to-end installation and service

Recommend the solution that best suits your needs (not earns us the most money)

Keep you in the loop during projects with clear, regular communication

Help you understand your new system with comprehensive onsite training

Inform you of new product releases that would benefit your business

Continually upskill our team so they’re across the latest technology and methods


Providing simple solutions to your complex communications problems.
We know our stuff and we solve the problem.

Own your piece of the pie and get it done.

We are all on the same team, we help support and inspire each other.

They need our help and we hear them, let’s put ourselves in their shoes.

Do it right the first time, don’t cut corners.


When Convergecom was established in 2008, in the family home of Austin Payne, it had just one employee and one client. Today, it has eight staff and has worked with hundreds of small and medium businesses, in many different industries, throughout Australia. But one thing has never changed – Convergecom has always provided simple solutions to complex communications problems. And we’ve got the testimonials to prove it.

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Again and again, we get two pieces of feedback from our valued clients: we really care and we really know our stuff.

Thank you. That means a lot to us. So who are the Convergecom team?



During his quarter-century in the telecommunications industry, Austin has learned an important lesson: it doesn’t take any longer to do a job right the first time. Austin brings this mindset to all his customer interactions.

“I like to listen to what a customer’s pain points are, and show them how they can use the phone system they have to not only resolve these pain points but also work more efficiently,” he says.

Austin loves going to work, because Convergecom has such a positive culture and his colleagues are so supportive. “I consider most of them my best friend, and the support I get both at work and outside of it is something I have never had before,” he says.

Austin once represented Australia in touch football… but that doesn’t mean he’s the most talented athlete in his household. “Something I am more proud of was as a family we had four out of five of us win a national championship in the same year each in a sport we love!”

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Financial Controller & HR Manager

Rachel, as a co-owner, has been officially with Convergecom since 2010. While most of her colleagues live and breathe phone systems, Rachel can’t get enough of compliance, accounts and HR.

“My job is to motivate and manage my team,” she says. “I am constantly looking for ways to improve our delivery and the customer experience.”

Working with her team is the very thing Rachel most loves about her job. She has a very open, transparent leadership style, because she’s found that’s the best way to create a harmonious, high-performing team.

A fun fact about Rachel is that she’s an eight-time national champion in ‘drill dance’, a sport most people have never heard of. Rachel brings this same mindset to her role. She always strives to be her best, and wants her colleagues to do the same. That said, she also wants everyone to enjoy their work, because a happy team is a motivated team.

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Senior Technician

Martin is so smart that he almost joined MENSA. Luckily, we snapped him up instead. Martin began his career journey in telecommunications at 16 years old (as an apprentice), and has worked with names you might know, like LG and IP Office.

“What I love most about technology is how flexible it can be,” he says. “When I speak to a customer, I enjoy listening to their concerns, and advising them on the best solution to solve their problem.”

Having travelled from the United Kingdom to join our South Australian team, Martin really loves coming to work each day because, as he says “the Convergecom family makes him feel at home.”



Jacob loves his phones – but, on the weekend, he might be out of reception. That’s because he likes to head outdoors, to go bushwalking, camping, mountain biking and four-wheel driving.

Jacob has been in the telecommunications industry for six years. During that time, he’s acquired a lot of knowledge about Avaya phone systems, customer service and troubleshooting.

“What I love most about phone systems is they allow you to communicate with anyone, anywhere,” he says. “My job is to help the customer fall in love with their phone system – and the way I do that is to make sure they’re fully informed and trained about all the system’s features.”

The thing Jacob enjoys most about working for Convergecom is its family atmosphere and positive culture… and telling everyone about his latest adventure.



Nathan is one of those people who loves his job so much, he kind of does it for free after hours. In his spare time, Nathan loves to build, tinker and repair. He built his own computer from individual parts, put together a keyboard and customised his console controllers.

Nathan started in the industry as an apprentice and has since taken part in countless installations and tech rollouts. During that time, he’s fallen in love with phone systems, and the creative ways you can program them to achieve different outcomes.

“I always encourage customers to add new features to their system when I feel it might benefit them, and I always try to explain how things work so they can get the most out of their system,” he says.


Senior Technician

Benny loves phone systems almost as much as he loves Manchester United. Benny has been in the telecommunications industry for more than 25 years. During that time, he’s accumulated 14 years’ experience with Avaya IP Office and learned a lot about PBX, networking, firewalls and servers. As Benny explains, a phone system is as much about marketing as it is communications.

“A phone system is the bridge a company uses to connect with its customers. So if you have a well-designed call flow, you make a positive first impression on your customers,” he says.

When Benny’s not working, he enjoys watching soccer – especially if Manchester United is playing. Benny also has a sweet tooth … but thinks he should probably cut back for the sake of his waistline!



Phil has got so much telecommunications experience, he actually joined the industry last century. The thing he most loves about technology is how it enhances the human experience.

“I love that phone systems allow people to connect with each other,” he says. “I love making people’s lives easier – I listen to customer requirements and show how they can use their phone system features to improve communication.”

Why does Phil enjoy working at Convergecom? “Even though we all have different skill sets, we work together as a team to provide a professional experience in all of our interactions,” he says.


Operations Manager

Melanie has spent two decades working in the telco and tech industries – she’s a generalist when it comes to the ways of the tech business world.

The thing Melanie loves most about phone systems is that despite the incredible improvements in technology she’s witnessed during her career, their primary purpose is still to foster communications and bring people together.

“While I live and breathe technology, I know that’s not the same for our customers. So, my job is to understand their situation, empathise with whatever problem they might be experiencing and then provide them with a solution,” she says.

The simple things make Melanie happy – family, friends, the beach. She’s also partial to cheese and wine.


Service Coordinator

Michelle is someone who really cares. That’s reflected in the fact she’s a strong ally for the LGBTQI+ community. It also shines through in her customer service and team-first approach. Michelle helps clients get the most out of their phone system and solve problems when they arise.

“I’ve always had a positive, can-do attitude,” she says. “I enjoy interacting with clients and, if a problem occurs, doing everything I can to help them get back online as soon as possible.”

The thing Michelle most enjoys about Convergecom is its positive culture and atmosphere.


Admin Assistant

Lilly is young and fun, but she’s also very mature and takes her work seriously. The thing Lilly most enjoys about her job is interacting with her colleagues and learning about new technologies. Lilly works in admin, rather than in a tech role, so, for her, a phone is just a device for chatting with her friends or booking an appointment.

When Lilly’s not working, she loves reading books, watching anime and playing sport. She’s a national champion in drill dance, and plays rugby league and rugby union with a local club.


Delivery Manager

Joanne has seen it all – she joined the telecommunications industry way back in 1993 and has worked in a wide variety of roles. Joanne prides herself on her customer service.

“I like getting a frustrated client who is really unhappy with their current system or provider and turning them around to loving their telephone system by fixing whatever issues they’re experiencing,” she says.

Joanne manages Convergecom’s technicians – a responsibility she takes very seriously. Joanne works closely with the techs to make sure they’re fully trained, and across all the latest products and processes. Joanne loves the fact that even though Convergecom works with big clients all over Australia, it’s still a family-owned business with values to match.

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Joshua loves his phones and technology, but the thing he loves the most is people.

“It’s so good to work for a company that is relationship-based, rather than treating clients as just a number,” he says. “I enjoy connecting with people and showing them how to best operate their hardware.”

It’s fair to say Joshua, who’s a mad Rabbitohs supporter, is also a little bit competitive. He’s played touch for Australia, he coaches the under-18 Central Coast women’s team, he plays in the men’s open team – oh, and he wants to win the annual Convergecom footy tipping comp.

When Joshua’s not helping people solve their phone problems or playing sport, he enjoys listening to country music and attending country gigs.


At Convergecom, we know we’re nothing without our customers. That’s why we only hire people with a customer-first mindset.

We also look for people who are team players, have high standards, own their role and suggest ways to make the company better.

If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you, whether you’re a qualified Avaya technician, or you work in sales, admin or finance. Please click here to send your resume to us and a member of our friendly management team will contact you.

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